Orphans on the mountains

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IMG_3357We decided, however, to start with coffee and brioche, and to ask a di for clarification to the shady bartender. We then found out that was an abandoned orphanage, where the children of the prisoners were sent, owned by the City of Rome. It was obvious at that point that we should have come to visit.
Doors, gates and windows overlooking the street reveal impenetrable, but we not gave up and we managed to enter, after we found a small road on the back, which came directly from the wood to an open window on the second floor.
A few half-empty rooms with just a pair of shoes for baby in the rubble greet us, followed by a distressing corridor in darkness.
From there you access to various spaces, including a spacious lobby, which I believe was used as a dining hall, where can be found around some old toys. The atmosphere of the place is quite disturbing.

On the ground floor we find a church, far more ancient than the rest of the building, which has been incorporated, which makes me think that before it was a convent. The funny thing is that inside we discovered the remains of a glorious Fiat Tipo.
Going back we can not look the other two missing upper floors, which are full of empty rooms, where the risk of collapse increases because of increased proximity to the roof.

We leave this place very satisfied and very happy for the discovery and for collected photo, although it has left, at least to me, a certain uneasiness.
Certainly a not very risky place, I would say medium-low level, useful for beginners of urban exploration.


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Alessandro Tesei
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