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In nobody’s home

By January 17, 2015 November 7th, 2017 10 Comments

Lost is only who abandons himselfMatteo Maria Boiardo.7986677023_d4365f4517_kEnd of September . Golden fields . Scent of grapes. An hidden villa, far away from any city, dispersed among the fields, in the plain.
A villa with unobtainable hystory, no name, no memories, no characters.
Nobody knows nothing , as if it had never existed.
It is nobody’s home.
But once someone lived there, someone had commissioned the refined decorations, and someone had filled those empty rooms with elegant furniture and emotions .

The villa, unfortunately, already very fragile, has been devastated by the last strong italian earthquake, damaging it definitely.

Jonathan Della Giacoma

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Jonathan Della Giacoma
Jonathan Della Giacoma
Born in 1987, Jonathan is an internation author, one of the most famous about "Urbex". He is one of the most active in Ascosi Lasciti project. He is attracted by history, aesthetic beauty, architecture of abandoned places in all over Europe.

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