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The best is yet to come

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IMG_9058I received info about this castle from a friend who lives in the area. He told me that, with one of the latest earthquakes, this magnificent place in the countryside had suffered a lot of damage, and so I decided to make a walk, on a Sunday afternoon, around Christmas, sure we would shot undisturbed. We were not sure to come … but from google maps, the entrance of the castle is not visible, because is not being updated images to the current condition. We turn a bit ‘around, finding an open side, deposits of simple tools without interesting, plus a part of the roof collapsed, and from there, unfortunately we find no connection with the main wing.IMG_9147We continue our tour around the walls, and finally get an open window, a bit ‘dangerous … also destroyed by the earthquake, with a mattress supported above and a well below it, so we entered with great caution. From there begins a side corridor, containing statues and scenes. We discover through books and documents found, which in recent years, the place has been a cultural and recreational center, and that the association, active since 1996, has hosted concerts, art exhibitions, and events, so it was a place to relax, read and meet people.

Just past the area of the stables, overflowing with sofas and lounge areas for reading, we arrived at the main entrance, and seek for the access to the tower, as well as the noble area of the castle. Unfortunately, from the inside you can not get there, due to the collapse floor and closed doors, so we go out in the garden, where we even find a car crushed by rubble, and we try to look for an easier entry from there. The place is quite shabby, although it is clear its beautiful structure, I do not know how long it will still be visited.IMG_9133We were lucky because the front door was open, and we find ourselves suddenly in awe before an unthinkable show: a wonderful ceiling with blue frescoes … and a breathtaking stairway, right in front of us! It seems to have stepped back in time. Let’s go straight to the second floor, the staircase and the entry captured us, and we start shooting, and after two flights of stairs, we come across a marble statue that seems to welcome us, and it begins the part that leads to the bedrooms and the noble area. But here we must be careful, the floor is not stable.

The rooms are all beautifully furnished, only the clothes and perhaps the valuables that were the first to be taken away shortly after the earthquake are missing. What catches my attention is a room whit floor and ceiling collapsed, with an incredible light that filtered through the roof and floor, with a beautiful round brocade sofa, curtains and painted ceilings that just be glimpsed. Is already so beautiful, I try to imagine how it was intact … movie scenes! We went back to the first floor, curious, the part of the tower is here and we can not lost it. We cross the rubble with caution, we overcome the partially collapsed floor, and arrived into the kitchen and dining room, decorated with red velvet, and here is still untouched, we found even the spirits and soft drinks, perhaps the earthquake has surprised them suddenly just as they were at dinner.IMG_9248Over the kitchen, there is a ladder, with a small and nice church, very dark, but still with all candles and holy cards present, as if time had stopped. Continuing to climb we reach two bedrooms, perhaps the richest of the building, with even the curtains, blankets, hand-decorated bajours and the photos on the walls, pretty much the most beautiful part of the building. There is still an empty floor above it, but the stairs are really dangerous, and having already risked so much to get this far, we decide to came back to the garden for the last shots. It ‘really an amazing place, in the garden there are a couple of swings and strange decorations with stones on trees, I could call it a mystical and lost in time place. Our visit ended, we promise to come back soon, because we do not know how much time will last, because the structure in some parts is heavily damaged, but still deserves to be admired.

Then I wanted to find a bit ‘of information about this wonderful place, which it is dates from the second half of ‘300, and was built by a leader, as a watchtower, is said to be one of the most beautiful castles in the area, and the legend says that it would be just his beloved wife to give her husband’s name to the tower in honor of his victories in battle, and after it was the husband to built on top of the tower itself another tower, thinner and graceful, and he called it with the name of his wife.

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