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Those who live in love are going to live forever
9543245587_ada5d7233b_kA beautiful villa in Piedmont countryside, just outside a village. Its arcades are amazing, warm colors bathed in sunshine. It is divided into several rooms, all decorated and colorful. A ballroom with a particular charm stands out among the many other chambers. An empty place, but full of love whitin the beautiful rooms. This building is born of the secret love between an Italian count and a Chinese girl. The two young men met during a trip to India in the early nineteenth century. Legend tell that Andrea, young poet from Emilia, was married to a marquise of his city, and they had two sons.9540416579_068b55198a_kBut the relationship between the count and Malena, poor woman from Beijing, led him to build this estate, celebrating the love for his secretlover. The building is haunted by the spirits of the two happy lovers. The structure continues to be in very good conditions, despite the inexorable passing of the years, thanks to the strong love of the two. In the room where the frescoes depicting oriental landscapes, while the curious explorer is passing by, we hear cries of joy. The large garden is hosting a thick vegetation, and hiding the ashes of Andrea’s secret lover. The interior decorations will remain for much longer, as the great love of those who lived there.

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