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The Patron of explorers

By February 17, 2015October 10th, 2017No Comments

Protect us you who are resting for over 200 years. Weโ€™ll make you our protector. Patron Saint of Explorers
7468871780_8ee75599eb_kIt was in the summer 2012 when I discovered this gem that I never revealed…In sunburned countrysides, among the trees at the edge of a village, it stands a small bell. The clock stopped a long time ago. It marks the four and fifty-one.Intrigued, we approached in the bush where is hidden a small church. We enter through a side door. The interior of the church are fresh, despite the outside hot temperature.7714194444_bf4de43fca_kAt first sight it seems like a bad place… then a side chapel along the nave reveals his secret. Almost a surprise. A beautiful glass case gilded and richly decorated with precious gems encloses the Holy Patron of Explorers resting for over 200 years in this place dedicated to him. Purify your souls lords. The mummy of the patron does not like visits! Yeah, unfortunately the Patron received too many visits in recent times and disappeared! You say that the Patron of Explorers is never existed? I have dreamed it all? Yet my photos speak for themselves, there it was, pale and richly dressed in damask and precious lace.

Forgive the sinner who has disturbed the eternal sleep of our holy protector!


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