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Cinderella died stumbling

By May 12, 2015October 10th, 2017No Comments

Donโ€™t forget… the magic will have its own life. At the last stroke of m idnight … the spell will end and everything will b e as before.CinderellaCinderella, in the halls of this huge villa, midnight already strucked and the spell is finished.

Dances, parties and banquets are only distant memories. Faded memories, as the frescoes in the ballroom that broke up because of an infiltration of water coming from the roof. This beautiful villa was designed by a famous nineteenth-century Italian architect following the model of two other famous houses in the region. Protected by a beautiful park, lies in a state of advanced deterioration. Amazing, with a U-shaped plan and architecturally outstanding: the main body is made of a portico with three arches on which is placed the large ballroom with double height, then externally is elevated to a level above the side wings. Only two stone eagles guard the house, while waiting for a new spell to revive.

Update 2017: Following a major arson, the villa is irretrievably damaged and unattainable.

Jonathan Della Giacoma

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