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The Last Emperor

By July 22, 2015March 14th, 2018No Comments

One Sunday in late July we decide to document anabandonment disco located in an elegant seaside resort. I went there several times in the past, the environment was very refined and it was also Mi piace questa Pagina possible to dine inside. The disco is abandoned for about two years and the reasons are two: the first is the arrest of two a di businessmen for fraudulent bankruptcy, since they invested money of failed com panies in this place and in another factory in the same city. The second reason is that the room includes a historic villa and during the inspections it was discovered that were made irregular works. Moreover, in the park there are canopies to protect sound systems, workstations for DJ and bar counters, all completely illegal. Its construction was designed and built in the early 1700s on the ruins of an old castle that served as watch tower. The family chapel in the park, however, was built on the ruins of a votive pagan temple. Along the perimeter of the roof, they are placed several statues to lighten the massive structure of the building. The entrance is not difficult. We cross the road intended for the passage of cars, lined with hedgerows dominated byfemale statues.

We arrive at one of the entrances of the villa where we welcome by other two attractive female figures. Once past the entrance, after about ten meters, we are facing the palace in all its splendor. Behind it you can see the chapel while in front there is the area used in the summer and we begin to notice the signs of abandonment: decorative elements thrown to the ground, tables stacked and taps for water, soda and other beverages covered in dust and cobwebs.
We enter the stately villa of the ‘700, we explore the ground floor, we go up to the first floor and we note in its various rooms a large number of paintings, statues, tapestries, frescoes, in addition to elegant chandeliers.

The last emperor. The nightclub, in addition to the wide open spaces used in the summer also has a ‘underground area with a dance floor for the winter. It can be accessed from the outside (hence the park) or by descending the stairs inside the villa. We pass from inside because the other access is closed. There appears before my eyes a clean room, without too many decorations, with a large chandelier in the ceiling. We note work equipment and some marks on the floor, as if someone had started to restore this area.
Our visit was improvised and organized in a very short time, but, as often happens, things are like that are more successful. The satisfaction level for photo is strong; like many of my memories … of an elegant and refined place, with an incredible light structure (as you can see from the two pictures at the end), of remarkable shows, of eye-catching performance and of course, of hig level disco and house music.

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