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“God is everywhere, even in abandoned churches”
10300693516_3e94906ede_kIt was in summer 2013 when I ventured in the ruins of this majestic baroque church. It located not far from a small Ligurian village, hidden among olive groves. From far away stands a large fourteenth-century bell tower of great beauty and well-preserved.

About the church remains a wreck semi-submerged by plants with the roof that is slowly disappearing after several collapses. Entering into the great structure with a unique nave, you are flooded with light that cames from what remains of the ceiling, reduced to skeleton after the vaults have collapsed. The walls are still decorated, columns with Corinthian capitals and moldings pastel partly invaded by ivy that make it especially attractive. Abandoned and desecrated in the 60s due to a small land subsidence, still it transmits to the visitor all its beauty. The nature is regaining its spaces and within a lush garden grows wild.

L’emozione dell’esplorazione aumenta pensando alla precarietà delle condizioni dell’edificio, probabilmente prossimo a scomparire.

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