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Gothic Revival

By October 4, 2017November 7th, 2017No Comments

La via di mezzo è sempre la migliore: ogni eccesso conduce alla rovina.6141685745_3466c0d36f_bIt was a while that I aimed this castle, particular and unique.
I finally went inside in the summer of 2011, before dawn, when it was still dark and the town was sleeping. The entrance was not too difficult, it was enough to climb over the gate. The only problem is that you can be seen by all the village and do it in broad daylight is virtually impossible.

The castle was built between 1850 and 1855 for a Count, by the architect Luigi Formento, the celebrated author of the Waldensian church and the church of San San Secondo in Torino. The Gothic revival style building has hybrid architectural features, as mixture of medieval and Gothic elements. This castle is a clear testimony of the way of life and culture of the nineteenth century. It was once surrounded by a large park that included, in the north, a large wood and, on the facade, a beautiful Italian garden and a large driveway. Inside you can find charming rooms in an advanced state of decay, Gothic revival style and Renaissance frescoes. It looks like someone is slowly working to save it … who knows …

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