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IMG_4549It ‘a long time that I heard about this factory, one of the most famous in our region. Dated around first 30s and born as a symbol of the infallibility of the fascist regime, he made first three-engine trainer aeromobiles, and then, with the beginning of the war, it started to build models from war. After the war and the Nazi occupation, the production moved to the north, and this building was used as a mushroom farm. Primarily structured on two levels, and with the large glassed shed at the back with stairs, that is now overwhelmed by nature, the whole production was made here, except for the assembly and testing that were carried out at a near airport.

And it was during the war that the plant was enhanced by some underground tunnels to protect the production from the bombing, and equipped with two wind tunnels, 130 meters long, the first in Italy to have such structures.

Today I’m alone in this exploration. The place is on the street, I park not far away and begin to look for the entry. On the front there is no way to get in, then I take a small road that runs along the factory, and from there I enter on the side of the main building. The first part that I am going to visit is the main core, where no much remains, except for some stacked furniture, and dozens of bubbles of mushrooms production, but the light is really nice and the facility is in fascist style, so it keeps its particular.

I continue my exploration in one of the tunnels, and I find the word “DUCE” to the sides, really very impressive, and really a crazy light, one of the finest shots of the day, until arrival at the glass hangar. There opens in front of me a beautiful facility, very precarious, with the glass ceiling and iron staircase to go downstairs, with this incredible light, it is so huge that not fit the lens. Then go down to the floors below, unfortunately there is only mildew, a few buckets and some tools to work, nothing more. Great surprise this courtyard !! I do another round, but there is no more.

It was a good exploration, this place has really amazed me, and is definitely worth a visit before his death, always trying to be careful, because in some areas, it’s really unsafe.

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