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Ex Holiday Inn

By October 5, 2017No Comments

Malta is really a beautiful island.
I have been there few months ago for a work and I was ecstatic: sun, sea, art, beautiful people, jobs opportunity, and especially a lot of abandoned places! I must admit that I had very little time to dedicate to the several villas, military structures and strange buildings that I met in my daily commute, but I still managed to take something home.
I must say that there is a clear will of the Maltese people to prevent in any way access to abandoned sites, fencing and walling windows and doors in most cases. It is true that these precautions often are not enough, and an experienced and meticulous explorer… as myself, usually always find a hole in which slip to satisfy his curiosity, and so it was this time.

This huge structure was a hotel, the Holiday Inn, with a restaurant on the ground floor, all abandoned and located in one of the more touristy areas of the island, so it is quite strange. The ground floor is all sealed, they have walled even the stairs leading to the small terrace outside just half a meter from the road! With a little luck I find a way to get in, followed by my recalcitrant partner / employer, who disagrees with my passion for ruins and similar. As I entered, I remain pleasantly surprised: the hotel, albeit with obvious signs of vandalism, is still full of testimonies, objects, paintings and furniture. The three plans are full of rooms, and in each of these, there are extremely interesting spots, but I have not had the time to catch them as they deserved.
After a short online research, I discovered that the structure of the hotel includes
the headquarters of the British officers, back to  the colonial period, and therefore has a certain historical interest.

In almost all the rooms were still the beds, wardrobes and bedside tables; windows, sometimes were broken, but all with tents, with a wonderful view over the Mediterranean. For sure this hotel would not have to fail, given the extremely favorable position in which is stuated… I wonder what really happened.

The windows which faceon the internal side, reveal also a huge courtyard, which I believe can be accessed from the ground floor restaurant.

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