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Blessed solitude

By October 17, 2017No Comments

We couldn’t find any news about this abandoned villa but exploring it we breathed very melancholic atmosphere. We named it Villa Beata Solitudo because this is the inscription on one of its fireplaces.

Looking for information about this villa and its inscription, we came across a literary debate about its authorship: Seneca or Saint Bernard. There is no historical evidence that attributes it this to one or the other one, while there is a document from a poet lived in the 14th century that says this:
“O beata solitudo
O sola beatitudo
Piis secessicolis!
Quam beati candidati
Qui ad te volant alati
Porro ab mundicolis!”

We like to imagine Villa Beata Solitudo built and lived by somebody who, to flee from society, was reaching for bliss and purification.

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