The most beaufitul abandoned italian village

While Googleing about abandoned places I got to find some pictures of a southern italian village, so i decided to go a little deeper. Its life, started during Roman epoque, stopped at 7.30pm, August 21th 1962, due to an earthquake that hit Sannio and Irpinia. The village was cleared out because of the fear of possible collapses, even if it experienced only little damages. Some countrymen and countrywomen decided to keep living there, almost alone. Most of the others chose to move to a safer place. Nowadays you see only desolation, but you can taste a feeling of being in an other age, and by walking through the streets you understand that earthquake preserved those places from modernity and change.

Pictures and Text: Valerio Fanelli

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Ascosi Lasciti Abruzzo
Ascosi Lasciti Abruzzo
The photographers Valerio Fanelli and Christian Catinello, are the founders of our Abruzzo crew. Very good researchers, they mostly operate inside their own region, still almost unknown in the italian urbex movement.

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