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Guttadauro’s village

By November 2, 2017No Comments

Begun in 1941, the construction of the Borgo Guattadauro was completed in 1943 with the delivery to the Aeronautical property for military personnel. Like the villages of the same period, its plant is square and it includes the church (dropped between 2004 and 2005) the barracks of “Carabinieri” and the post office, the “Casa del Fascio”, the school, the medical dispensary and the artisan houses.

During the summer of 1943, the village was occupied by American troops, which in 1944 delivered it to the ECLS. From the following years, the dissests began to manifest. The ECLS warned the contractor, who acknowledged his responsibility and was carried out the necessary repairs. Nevertheless, the village of Guttadauro was declared inadmissible.

From 1971, the village was sold to the nearby municipality; Many recovery projects have been started but none of them was completed.

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