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The abandoned Beast

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urbex-europe-abandoned-vehicles-beast-2We are in August 2003.
“Beast”, the excavator “SR 1500 LMBV” prepares for his last trip. It’s a small, eight-kilometer, but expensive move (one-million Euros). What is the goal? His cemetery.
The cities of Senftenberg, Großräschen and Schipkau decided to keep the excavator as the last witness oh those years: the years of extracting coal “lignite”.
Turists have renamed it “the blue wonder” for its intense colour.

Known today as “the abandoned Beast“, it was built between 1964 and 1965 by the “Lauch-hammer”metalworking industry. The machine was conceived and assembled quickly, despite its lenght of 171 meters and its height of 50 meters.
How much does a Metal Giant like that weigh ? A mass of 3850 tons.
In recent years the iron giant is rustling in the fog of its humid climate and it has been plundered of almost all copper and valuable metals. It has lost its original beauty, but it is still a pleasure to climb it (Don’t try to imitate us because of its instability).
The control room is relatively intact and it still transmits that feeling of power that was in the hands of the driver during excavations.

Let’s take a look at the technical specifications for the passionates :

Capacity of mechanical arms: 1500 dm³
Diameter of the mechanical spoon : 12500 mm
Total length : 171.5 m
Height of its highest point : 50 m
Total weight : 3850 t
Power supply required : 5555 kW
Number of blades : 10
Number of tracks : 6
Driving speed : 6 m/min
Maximum cutting height : 35 m
Maximum depth of cut : – 15m

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