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“And Vienna? Always dance without end.”  Mozart
Austria is wonderful
And a  so wonderful country had to have a huge hotel just as wonderful. This hotel was important at the time, in 1850, it was the flagship of the city and could accommodate up to 450 people in its 200 bedrooms. It boasted 5 stars, refined and elegant areas, spa treatments, great service and excellent cuisine. It was the destination of noble and famous people.
Unfortunately, the glory days for this place are off as crystal chandeliers and its stars, as in the 90s it closed its doors. The entrance was not easy, being on one of the main squares in the center. And the only possible entrance is just the window of the large dining room where a glass is missing. Unfortunately, a window high enough to override and passing unnoticed. After nearly an hour’s waiting, is the right time and in a fit I threw in the hope that the people who flock to the square in the distance haven’t seen me.

But shortly after I forget what’s outside and let my imagination sail in the beautiful dining room of the hotel. A colossal crystal chandelier with 40 candles adorns the ceiling.
Red curtains with beautiful windows and crystal side lights embedded symmetrically between the decorative pilasters make important and unique this spectacular place. Then, a series of beautiful rooms and salons with wood paneling that once welcomed distinguished guests.
The hotel is dusty, but intact enough as all the good places should be. Its 200 rooms are not at all monotonous for the great diversity of furnishings, colors and sizes. A difficult place, but that satisfies. Greetings from Vienna.

Greetings from Vienna.

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