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Important guests

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“I’m just looking for two notes who are in love” Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart8651925923_236a8fdf8c_kThis prestigious alpine hotel, despite being abandoned for some years, is considered an important cultural asset.
It was built at the end of 1700 and renewed in the 70s. It is located in Austria, in an alpine termal area.
Once a famous tourist destination, today the entire town, almost exclusively made up of hotels, is in crisis, and many of them are closing their doors.

In the beautiful dining room, between parquet floors, mirrors, marbles and a beautiful piano on one of the walls, there was an important canvas depicting the most famous guests of the hotel.
Imagine King Edward VII with King Leopold II, Franz Schubert, Arthur Schopenhauer, the painters Adolf Menzel and Rudolf von Alt and even Mozart who performed right in that room, maybe sitting in the same piano that still today is inside the salon .
All together in the same canvas, which unfortunately has disappeared, and we can just see the sign on the wall …

I visited this hotel in 2012, there was a bit of snow on that gray day. But when I enter I was fascinated by the beautiful 70’s marble hall, the wooden breakfast room, and the amazing dining room with crystal chandeliers, mirrors and the famous grand piano … what a wonder!
On the upper floors are the rooms, not many and not particularly beautiful, but still partly intact in their vintage style. Then, the spa part with the bathrooms.

In 2013 an arson burned the roof of the building.
The small piromans were taken by the police: minors who had fun in the attic of the hotel causing a great damage.

Will somebody save this splendor?

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