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urbex-usa-bob-thissen-powerstation-archeologia-industriale-7This beautiful powerstation has been on top of my list since i started exploring.
In 2016 i finally had the chance to see the most beautiful power station in the world (Let me know when you know a better one)
It’s build from 1919-1925, opened in 1925 and closed in 1985.
Due a major snowstorm in yhe USA in jan 2016 i had to be very lucky to get in. The power station is on guarded semi-live grounds. Footsteps would give away my presence.
We waited and the snow partly melted. On a rainy day we checked the outside.

It looks like it’s insane secured. big fences, razorwire, security on site, camera’s, lights. We had some info about some options to enter but there wasn’t any hole in the huge fence. So we had to try something different.

We tried our luck at 02:00 AM and got inside. We were really lucky because it was misty so the security did not see us. With minimal light we try to navigate through the kettle house to find a dry place to sleep. But it’s wet and rusty everywhere. We decide to lie down and try to sleep without sleeping bag in the freezing cold and water dripping on our faces. When the sun comes up we explore further.
This Powerstation is insane ! It’s decayed from top to bottom and haves a lot of symmetry.

The turbine hall is the best part.
It’s one of the biggest open spaces ever designed. It’s inspired by ancient Roman baths.
You can’t imagine how big it is unless you’re standing there yourself.
We spend the whole day in this place and leave in the dark.

This location has been tagged and sprayed lately and has been boarded up again.

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