Bathing beauties

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Among the various ‘sectors’ of the urbex, the abandoned amusement parks really fashinate me, be they water parks, thematic or otherwise.
SONY DSCAlways leaves me a bit ‘dazed to think about how they could be rowdy and confusing with the cries of children, the comings and goings of adults and children, the sound of water running and the background music … and how they look today, ghostly, empty, silent and dilapidated, forgotten maybe even in the memories of those who were there.
This time I would like to recount a visit to one of the many water parks disgraced because a not optimal management and the fierce competion.

The raid at the site has proved easier than expected, thanks to the road works that they are doing beside, that made it possible to avoid the curious eyes of the residents in the houses around the park.
Starting from the historical notes, it was a small water park open from mid-June to late August, characterized by having a variety of adrenaline waterslide (2 Kamikaze, 3 closed tubes, 3 Toboggan, 1 Bodysurfing), a decent pool with waves, and a children’s pool.
In his years of greatest fortune hosted the fifth edition of “Bathing beauties”, italian television program, in addition to having hosted several episodes of the youth Tv program “Zap Zap”.

In recent years, some areas of the park had become almost abandoned, and the number of visitors had been reduced drasticaly even during the high season, surely also because of competition from other parks of the Riviera, better equipped and advertised.
The park is closed since 2008, although parking and part of the spaces have been used in the following years for the disco/dance hall attached.
SONY DSCWandering, can be noted that the structures are still in good condition, and even if the plastic slides was a little ‘deteriorated under the sun, the vandalism are absent … definitely the position between private houses has greatly helped its preservation.
Obviously six years of neglect have favored the lush plants that have covered every corner of the park, hiding, sometimes, the same slides.

The main bar is in a good state of preservation, with inside still unsold products as beer, peanuts, bottles of water, and all the equipment still intact; the kitchen in the back still has oil in the fryers and pans hanging on the hoods.
While one can not say the same of the bathrooms and changing rooms outside, now reduced to rubbish bins
and almost completely surrounded by vegetation.
The complex of the premises is in fair condition, while the ticketing area and offices is off-limits and probably alarmed.

Wanting to draw conclusions on the possible visit, I can say that the main problem is being able to get in without being seen, while the exploration is quick and easy, with no special points of interest, given also the small size of the park.

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Chris Morri
Chris Morri
Born in '76, photo-reporter, musician and artist. Nowday he does not work for Ascosi Lasciti but he's leading his personal project : the "P.L.A.I." (italian abandoned places and locations)

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