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Farewell to Marmor Palast

“There are places so great that die miserably in the oblivion  without touching the hearts of the people … “

Amid the applause and tears of the audience, the curtain falls on a bygone era.
Konzert Haus Marmor Palast in Chemnitz today is just a memory of an older generation.
The Marble Palace was opened in 1900, as a dance hall.
Its interior, partly marble, were extremely valuable, and the plaster that covered the walls and ceilings were spectacular. The building was divided into a ballroom for 3,000 people, a social hall for 400 people and a club room which contained a hundred persons, also had 2 bowling alleys, a brewery, a garden for concerts and garage.

Marmor Palast was one of the most popular establishments in the area and had its heyday in the 20s and 30s. During the Second World War it was used as a hospital, and after the war became the operetta theater of the town, as the main theater of the city was destroyed during the bombing.
(Here are three pictures of his history : The birth, the decay and his death)

Around 1960, they took place the refurbishment work, that changed completely the interior of the building.
The curtain finally came down on the theater in 1996, leaving him in silence and abandonment.
Inside, the decay provided a frightening spectacle.

The vast halls crumbled and everything seemed so fragile, until, in June 2013, around 16:00, the roof of the building collapsed, erasing all traces of the glorious times in a cloud of dust.
The last breath before dying, followed by an applause of debris that permanently deleted this wonder.

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