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I assure you that I bought a ticket and will not go back in this sad city! I leave Miss Rottermayer all the joy of living in a sad and cold city! I could never live in a room with no butterflies! I need green fields to breathe. … Stop with these empty rooms full of old memorabilia! Stop … !” HeidiThat was the first of January, it was cold, but it was a beautiful day, there was even a sprinkling of snow to make it more impressive.
How beautiful are the mountains full of whipped cream.
We also had the good fortune to see some deer at the foot of the hill.

This fantastic abandoned castle looks back over a thousand years of history, and now after all this time is still here. It is the castle on the Alps.
Unharmed by wars, earthquakes and disasters, but someone decided to put an end to its history leaving it to decay.
Already, this is not a random abandonment, but wanted abandonment.

The owner, a crazy millionaire, had bought the old castle for restructure and turn it into a museum to exhibit his private collection of art pieces.
He sent a request to the municipality and the mayor did not allow the project.
The two had a terrible quarrel and the millionaire declared war and decided to let the symbol of the village, this castle, to collapse.

Yet thousands of stories still are heard on the castle, which is reflected from a green hill in a celebrated Swiss lake. Its rooms are crammed with treasures, crystal chandeliers, fine furnishings, damask curtains, stoves, wonderful hand-painted tiles dating back to 1500.

What will become of this heritage? Forever in decay or someone will do something to save it?
For the moment it falls apart…

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