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urbex-south-korea-parco-giochi-abbandonato-bob-thissen-1Gaya Land is an abandoned amusement park in Gimhae, South Korea.
The park opened in 1991 and closed in november 2011 due the lack of visitors.
We arrive at the park at night and notice some construction work is going on at the parking lot.
Are we too late again? We already have visited some theme parks but they were already partly dismantled
(Abandoned places in South Korea disappear really fast.) A bright light shines upon the ferris wheel. There is definitely something going on !

Carefully we walk towards the park without flashlights. From blogs on the internet we know that three cute dogs guard  this location.
We arrive at the stairs to the main gate and the dogs start to bark. Slowly we continue, but suddenly a ray of a flashlight illuminates our faces and we freeze.
A security guard blows a whistle and runs towards us. We run like crazy and dissappear in the darkness. No night pictures for us.

The next morning we give it another try and decide to take another route.
Noiseless and full of adrenalin we enter the park without being seen.
Because we have no clue what the current situation is and where the security guard is stationed we explore the outskirts of the park first.
The park has the perfect atmosphere, it’s not vandalised, totally overgrown and decayed.

We crawl through the bushes from one to another attraction and avoid the concrete paths.
After a while we come closer to the main gate and we have to be sure nobody notice our presence.
The park is less overgrown in this part.
On tiptoe we shoot the last pictures and we walk back to the car.

Still walking on forbidden ground we suddenly are followed by a man. (The security guy from last night?) We keep on walking and don’t pay attention to the man.
When we arrive at the car the man strangely just passes us, like he didn’t see us.
We decide to walk back to the main entrance like we did the night before and see what happens.

While walking to the entrance we make a lot of noise, sneeze and laugh, but not even one bark in return.
Suddenly i see a cute dog who is very exited to see us. He even pies on my shoe of happiness.
We cuddle the dogs and shout if there’s anybody . I wonder why there’s security at night and not during the day.
After making some final pictures the end of the day is approaching and we decide to leave before the security guard returns.


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