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“A queen is never in late; are the others to be in advance. “

Air, water, fire and earth are the four elements that were represented by four beautiful statues located in the park of this noble palace. Today they are on display at the Metropolitan Museum of New York.
The palace, surrounded by a large park and protected by a beautiful wrought iron gate is located in the French countryside, near a small town.

I went there this summer, while a storm raged outside. We were all wet when we entered through an open window of the cellar.
The interior is a succession of large living rooms with bright colors, including marble fireplaces and mirrors.
Rooms in different styles and sizes, from those with wood paneling to those finely painted. Despite some water infiltration and theft of mirrors and fireplaces, the noble palace is even in all its charm and splendor, so is not a big effort to imagine that furnished.
There are several flights stairs leading to the upper floors, of various styles and colors.
Despite the furniture have been taken away by time, the empty halls still exude charm and grandeur.

In the summer of 1662 this palace was built by Louis XIV as a present for the Queen, his wife Maria Theresa of Spain, for spend a few days a year away from the big, comfortable, but chaotic Versailles. A miniaturized palace, from the symmetrical facing brick facade, surrounded by a beautiful park.

Today all this solemn splendor is a vague memory, and the halls show the signs of aging that slowly strips them of  their glory days.
Oh my queen, what will happen to this little gem?

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