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With optimism and excitation, full of exploratory intentions, we push to get to the next destination of our first Franco-Belgian urbex trip.

Anyway, the first defeats have not been slow in coming: after entering in a breathtaking location we realized that we were not alone in the structure. I took a little fear of being caught in a foreign land we decided to put easels and expectations on our shoulders, and back on the road. The bitterness was huge.

The second bad stroke that fate has played, was in an industrial town, where the yard (still active to redevelop the property) has prevented the access to the Central Bureau.

Are things to keep the income or not?
I do not fully agree with someone who has noted these “unreachable” as failures on our travel plan, because these failures were just contingencies. What we should do? Hiding in a room and wait with bated breath that the “intruder‘”would go away? Dare to enter into a construction site and look for a hole, with the risk of being “fermée” or even worse to be “emprisonneé“? We can never know what can happen: it is quite uncertain when addressing urban explorations and may be fine as it can go wrong. What is certain is that it remains bitterness, especially because it’s not easy to make such a trip.

However, it is useless to look for impossible passages and absurd theories, so, with friend’s helpig us to find coordinates and directions, (sometimes something can escape from the routes) we headed to Luxembourg, to my delight, in the direction of the abandoned factory Terre Rouge.

Built in 1872 for the extraction and processing of steel, now lies dormant and devastated since 1997. The association Arbed, bought the building in 1937 but the furnaces closed in 1977 (the Arbed is now part of the Arcelor / Mittal group).
The furnaces, after their final closure, were demolished, but a large part of the building is still lying there, beyond a small railway.

The Terre Rouge is a silent giant, dusty, bitter, and not surprisingly, of warm and wrapping colours. After the railroad, and entered the area, you will reach a large rift that with an incredible sight: a long canal passes under some giant machineries, dark colors and grays that contrast beautifully with the insane blue water of the channel. Passing along the narrow bank is a must, in order to perform a click of the perspective of the machineries and to reach an insecure ladder that climbs up on top of the Terre Rouge. We climbed the steps one at a time, and decisively, not thinking of a possible collapse of the ladder …

At the top of the building you can enjoy all the vastness of the industry. Infinite perspectives, warm and rusty colors following a cross of tracks and trails of iron, witnesses to the heaviness of the past.
Everything is solid and everything is huge at the Terre Rouge, everything is impressive … and everything is left to itself.

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