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villa abbandonata francia urbex

We continue the journey through France under the blanket cover and rainy sky . The radio does not pass anything other than long speeches in the local language. The car hurtling near Paris, where the Eiffel Tower is only a distant and poorly defined structure which for us has not a big charme, since it is not abandoned: we have other to think about, such as the Chateau Vegetables. A villa, as we usually call it, placed in a residential area, well in sight from prying eyes.

The structure is so unsafe that some scaffolding were installed in the entrance hall of the house. Much of the ceilings have collapsed so the familiar beasts commonly called pigeons and the cold destructive rain had no problems to came inside.
Inside, armchairs by dull colors but timeless, a pool table behind a thin door and then, what wonders, the grand piano under the sinuous wrought iron staircase (real peculiarity of the French maison).

The piano, the focus sought by all explorers, is located at a point really difficult to photograph, especially for twilight given by the half-closed shutters of the windows. Two of these are still provided with the colored glasses that are vaguely reminiscent of the windows of a cathedral. Upstairs you can enjoy the view from the top of the piano, but most of the rooms on the second floor are forbidden due to collapse.

I described the Chateu Vegetables succinctly and without his story because it is like that: a lonely and lost place to visit quickly.

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