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The Medical Train

By November 12, 2017No Comments
The Medical Train is a great abandoned vehicle to visit in Germany.
On a dead track there are a number of wagons including an ambulance wagon.
The origin of this train is going through different stories.
The first one describes how the wagons have been used as a mobile hospital. The trains would have been used during the first and second world war and there are still and many of them left over. Either way, this wagon has been kept very well. The wagon has more wagons, including a mobile kitchen.

The other one story is that the train is a prototype ordered in the cold war by the German army in the late 60’s. The plan was to transport patients from the front line to the hospitals behind the lines in West Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Due to budget issues, all of the prototype has been ordered and has only been used for training purposes.
Either way the medical train is now a great abandoned place to entertain urbex passengers and take prideful photos.

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