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The Ascosi Lasciti team is always working. Even in holiday. Such as a shopping center.

Externally it looks so juicy!
Is not so easy to find an abandoned shopping center. But it seemed sealed, in fact from the front door the entrance was impossible, since it was closed with chains from the inside.
Only after a fast research, the access proved to be simpler than expected, with an open panic door on the basement, in a kind of theater.

I was a bit confused, what was doing a piano on a stage inside an abandoned mall? I tried to understand, and, from the big white cloth behind the music instrument and from the portholes on the other side I realized that it was used as a cinema and that was confirmed thanks to the box office on the upper floors.

The structure is crumbling, built in the mid-1980s, judging by paving and concrete that abounds everywhere. Approved after finding some local books. It is divided into three floors: ground, first and basement.

The ground floor is almost completely bare, maybe housed as kindergarten or baby park structure, an art gallery, and some boutiques. The same goes for the upper floor, where besides shops, there were probably offices and professional studios. The most interesting part is the projection room, where we find two great projectors, almost intact.

In the small and supposed art gallery, as well as catalogs of paintings and sculptures, old prints and some negatives, we also come across books edited by local schools, dated 1988, as well as postage stamps of former Yugoslavia, because Slovenia only reached independence in 1991.

In conclusion, a bare place with few legacies, but particularly interesting for the variety of spaces, which can offer nice photographic ideas

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