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A dangerous exploration into “Koča na reki”

By November 16, 2017No Comments

It was a bit fresh a morning. During a walk along the banks of the river near the state route we noticed this little abandoned chalet.

As soon as we step up the wooden stairs we noticed a panel in Slovenian language that immediately hits our curiosity. Who knows what was written? We did not care about this because the abandonment was bigger. The door was unclosed so access was more than easy.

This house has two floors.  The first one has got a ground floor, one living area with kitchen and two living rooms; the upper floor has got a sleeping area with an anteroom and two rooms.
Disorder and garbage are everywhere. It seems almost occupied by a homeless person or frequented by some toxic people. Actually there are empty bottles of alcohol and joint butts.

The house is quite surely abandoned for a long time but looking around I was found an eye drop – the Quinax -expiring at the end of 2012.
On the table, browsing between a stack of cards I find a brochure with a stamp bearing date 24/04 / 1964 and a photosensitive paper “FERRANIA” that surely was antecedent to 1964, since in that year the company of films and photographic paper was acquired by the American “3M”.

So it’s the time for the top floor.
Disorder and dirt is worst then the lower floor even for the presence of animal excrements. The windows are completely absents so cats and mice have been able to come inside.
In the closets there are clothes that seem belonging to old person. Pheraphs at the death of the latter, the house has become a prey to abusive tenants. There are also several books an documents in Slovenian language.

In the end our friend reveals us the meaning of the panel at the entrance “Be careful – danger of collapse.” We unknowingly had a dangerous exploration into “Koča na reki” (chalet on the river).

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