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“Damn, transfixed by the passion, the love we survive and Art makes us immortal.”

An unforgettable place that hides the story of a big family. Unique.
This small French villa Amelie, despite the small size and the very simple exterior architecture, was built by a very important family owner of a textile industry in the region. His owner was vice president of the French National Bank.
A large park protects the privacy of the home, christened with the name of his wife. The interior of Villa Amelie are very refined, wood paneling in the Gothic style, stucco, tapestries, marble fireplaces and precious decorations.

Precious furniture decorate this place. A wonderful autopiano tail completes the furniture of the great hall.
In the attic, a huge library filled with books, shows the power and the wealth of this cultured family.

Numerous correspondences and family photographs scattered around the house that give faces and words of those who lived here in the past.

An outbuilding in the garden kept an important collection of butterflies from all over the world,  bought in the many business trips abroad. Also there were deposited two great tools, an organ of a church of 1748 and a wonderful rare Welte Mignon Piano.
In addition there is also a dark room and a study to develop photographs.

But what happened to the descendants of this important family, lover of music, art, reading, collections, travel and photography? How is it possible that Villa Amelie is left unattended and uninhabited for years, becoming a destination for vandals and thieves who have already stolen all the furniture and valuables?
Sometimes the world is unfair …

Unfortunately, after theft and vandalism, in 2014 villa Amelie was completely destroyed by arson.

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