The Wooden Palace

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3 November, 10:00 PM.

We arrived at the palace gate, intending to enter in the following morning. We took mats and sleeping bags from the car, and placed the “base camp” under the porch of a nearby church.
A fast and easy meal.
The next morning, my brother David wakes up at dawn. He could not wait any longer.

The entrance to the palace was impressive.
Asleep, and without having breakfast, we leave the base camp and we prepare to enter.

Finally we are inside the wooden palace.
It was built between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, belonged to a noble family, one of the most wealthy and well-known of all of Portugal. In the last century the palace changed several owners and was several times remodeled.
It was definitively abandoned in 2005 with the death of one of the heirs.

The house is adorned with marvelous furniture and the ceilings are embellished with strange paintings.
The main salon is definitely one of the rooms that most impressed me.
We just want to show the pictures of the rest of the exploration.

This place is a continous surprise until the last room …

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Alberto Galvache
Alberto Galvache
Alberto Galvache was born in Salamanca (Spain) in 1997 and he is intersted in urbex since he was a child. He was only 10 years old when he entered in his first abandoned building. He is currently involved in actorial studies in his city of birth, and he is working with his brother David on their blog about urbex in Spain and Portugal.

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