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Nobody knows something about the blue manor.
It was built at the beginning of the 20th century and its style is somewhat different from the rest of Portuguese houses.
Our arrival is much spectacular ’cause some dogs have escaped from a nearby farm and we have run and hide into the house fleeing. But the race was worth it since we go inside. Welcome to the blue manor.

The first thing we find is a very large but ugly dining room. Going to the upper floor there is a small chapel inserted in another dining room. It is something quite anomalous.

Near the dining room we find the piano room. It is empty but very interesting. We continue to walk along the narrow corridors full of objects lying on the floor. All theese wonderful spaces make us go crazy so we start taking all the pictures we can.
We let them “talk” for us:

We notice that the dogs are gone. it is time to return our home.

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