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Abgehackt’s Anatomy Institute

By December 5, 2017No Comments

It was my second time in Berlin and I was hoping that should be worth at least like the first one.
After visiting the Spreepark and Beelitz one year ago, I absolutely had to find something nice to spend my free afternoons.
Unfortunately, as I know, metropolises do not usually offer great beautiful decadence.
Obviously, you can find huge spaces and gigantic structures, but as conservation and exclusivity no choice at all.
I have really short time to walk, investigate, look for, and above all understand how to penetrate in new places, and unfortunaly I did not have serious on-site contacts.
So I then resigned to do the classic urbex tour of the German capital, trying to select the best of the worst.

The Abgehackt’s Anatomy Institute came out from this sad list of vandalized places, and it was my first visit.
The few informations found on the net tells me that the abandonment dates back to 2003, and it is now owned by the Aldi group (similar to Lidl), who bought it for building a new mall.
To get there we have to walk about 4 km from the nearest metro station … something I will never repeat.
When you arrive you can see a white structure with various murals, anonymous and modern, with broken glasses, and surrounded by a fence, broken in several points.
Getting in is just too easy.
I knew what to look for, the dissection table, probably the only thing with a minimum of appeal still in this place.
The interior is quite dark and labyrinthy, since it is not a single structure, but a series of buildings joined by several floors.
I found myself in the lesson room… perhaps a decade ago, it would be a very interesting subject to photograph.
Two kids are flirting on a seat, so I snap some photos and leave them to their business.

Then, I go down to the basement in search of the Grail, and I come across the large block of refrigerated cells used to keep the corpses to be dissected.
Still in a decent state, despite the time and the vandals … certain that the Germans things are very well done.
Meanwhile I meet another group of Sunday explorers on a school trip.
I vague a dozen minutes losing myself in the rooms, anonymous and half-empty, when I finally reached the room with the dissecting table.
Bah, nothing so exciting, even because the group of novelists came out of the tight room waiting for me to come out, so that they could get in and photograph the wonder … I felt like I was really on a trip school.

I turn my back and get out of the property, and start to walk the four kilometers until the metro, disappointed for the first visit of the year in the teutonic land.

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