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This abandoned building, the lost palace, was built at the beginning of the seventeenth century, even if remained very little of that time.
The lost palace stretches for about 800 square meters and is spread over three floors with two chapels and a large garden surrounding it.
His last use was as  hotel, although the style of the furnishings is ancient, probably as much as the palace.

Access to the site is the easiest thing. We need just to walk along a path and jump a small wall, after which we found several open doors.
The first room we came across was the great kitchen.
Then we continued for a narrow corridor with several rooms and lounges at the sides.

The place has been visited by thieves but is still in good condition, although many rooms have been completely emptied of furniture.
We get into what was supposed to be the last owner’s home.
With great surprise, we discover old furniture decorated in gold.
In a room we have even found a modern sauna. But we continue to see the rooms we had left.

Upstairs we come across this curious dining room, which certainly dates back to when the palace was used as a hotel. And finally another dining room and one of the chapels (the other was closed). The reasons of its abandonement are apparently unknown.

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