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The second palace of the interrupted dance

By December 10, 2017No Comments

urbex-portugal-ville-abbandonate-galvache-4This is the second abandoning case we have decided to document in this “trilogy” nicknamed with the friendly name of “The best of Galvache brothers in Portugal” (click here to see the previous article).

As for my and my brother’s experience this is surely the most beautiful abandoned building we have discovered in recent years. It is an uninhabited since 1969, and maintenance has been extremely limited. Although it seems completely abandoned, a guardian hired by the owners lives close and is responsible for preventing thefts and easy access.

Our two visits were then “authorized” by the guardian who, since he lost the keys of the place, gave us a blank card and allowed us to search for new access using our methods, and wait for us out of the palace. And it’s once again thanks to my brother David if we can get in.
The first room we encountered was a fantastic decadent chapel. In the choir we even found a semi-integral organ.

Continuing to walk in the rooms of the grand palace hoping to find something fantastic, we arrive at one of the most fascinating rooms ever seen. Time seems to have stopped. Electricity never reached this place, in fact all the lamps are still equipped with candles. We continue in the next room, which apparently was a meeting room.

And finally not far away we find the dining room.
We continue climbing some stairs and find a beautiful divisor with a mirror behind it. From the divisor depart two different homes and we understand that there were probably two different families living in this place …

I hope you enjoyed this incredible story, and once again, I want to thank my brother David and Mr J., for making us enjoy this marvel.

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