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The Church of Horrors

By January 21, 2018No Comments

Abandoned for more than half a century, Casalotto’s deconsecrated church was the scene of murders, satanic masses and place of those who wanted to experience a horror thrill. Declared a sacramental church in 1556, it remained a point of reference for the celebration of baptisms, weddings and funerals of the inhabitants of the area. After being abandoned, there were many complaints by the inhabitants of the area, to make it inaccessible.

In 1987 Arturo L’Episcopo, owner of a house near the church, shot two gunshots in the air to scare away some children who were wandering around the church. Unfortunately one of the shots struck the head of one of the boys who was climbing on the bell tower. Another story tells that the Casalotto church was place of black masses and satanic rituals, during the nights of full moon.

Today the church and its catacombs are completely inaccessible because they are walled up.

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