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A casual discovery. This visit comes as many others, after a day of serial exploration, where usually is easier to find ruins that something really interesting.
And in part it did .. after some locations, this also lookend not so fruitful as the outside, but …
Nothing more wrong!

A noble villa. At the entrance of the village there is this villa, a building of exquisite workmanship, whose specialty is (or rather was) to have rooms with ceilings different from each other, as well as a ‘U’ shape that makes it even more unique, compared to neighboring buildings.
The history of this magnificent noble villa built on the hills began in 1600 thanks to the a noble family who awarded it as his residence villa.
The building, unfortunately, after 500 years is in precarious conditions in a context almost entirely urbanized, and would require a profound and complete renovation.

Chaos and treasures. During our visit we felt it was more a warehouse, well away from the glories of the past, where we have also found valuable items such as pianos (a double piano), antique chandeliers, antique skis, furniture … everything stacked in the various rooms on the ground floor.

A double piano (in italian language piano also means “floor”). In fact we can explore upstairs. We find some ‘sky view’ ceilinged room, we find only an almost empty succession of rooms, and with very little of the ceilings we were waiting for, rooms with mostly  everyday objects such as a blackboard, some armchair, some knickknacks and little else.

Everything here is fantastic to be photographed. Fortunately the time of the visit has given us a beautiful natural light to play with between one room and another. Capture glimpses of walls and  floors was almost a breeze so that the visit, had it not been for the piano room, would be very short.
But it was really hard not to discharge the battery of the camera on that pair of pianos, forgotten amidst so much chaos, kissed by sunbeams, as to want to strut one last time, silent and majestic, with their keys ‘shattered’ by time .

The sun sets. It is going down on this adventure. We let the curious Pick-up that greeted us in the courtyard to his (sad) future, hoping, as always, to find this place (if not the same as today) not worse because of the usual vandals.
Ps. If you want, this building is also for sale (it was…quite surely).

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