The Hotel of Protected Peace

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The Hotel of Protected Peace, close to a nature reserve, in the online ads is still open but it has been abandoned for years and pours into a state of discomfort degradation.

Sticked to one of the most striking views of the east coast of Sicily, the hotel is now a refuge for thieves and refugees. Just after the capture of two thieves in 2017, sensors and alarms were installed and, unfortunately, they did their job.

In fact, when we tried to reach the ground floor, they went off, forcing us to exit and finish the exploration.

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Liotrum is a project born from the passion for photography and exploration. They are three Sicilians, lifelong friends with the same interest: to rediscover time through forgotten, abandoned, destroyed places, in one word, urban exploration. Last but not least Cristiano La Mantia is our instagram leader.

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