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A strange visit. This is one of those explorations that I consider extremely rare …
A disco, almost unknown and therefore untouched, not widely known within urbex circuit, but with a discreet charm, not snooty like the cathedrals of Romagna’s nightlife already reviewed (and be reviewing).

The history of this club is at least anonymous: born from the failure of an old industrial building, then converted back to local entertainment, complete with a restaurant and bar, but with short life, while being protected from competitors, and with customers that would guarantee long revenue like dancing hall.
I never thought of entering for free in this place and find it in these conditions after years of neglect and abandonment, so much so that my exploration began with much distrust, having to then change my mind after stepped into the gazebo where the summer open  hall is situated.

The entrance. I am welcomed by a circular fountain topped by a still intact statue, with the sides full of sofas and tables, and lights still present, only tired from the weather.
The spot lights and the americane have held up well to the elements, in fact, apart from a little ‘rust, they are all still in place. I decide to go to see if also the local reserves some surprises and, once open the security door (not even shut), I find that the surprises are many!

We are inside. All the main room is in almost perfect conditions, only a thin layer of dust covering the well-ordered tables, chairs and sofas are still in place. The bar still has the rows of glasses arranged in order from the bartender last night.
Then you look up and you get kidnapped by the beautiful mix of red-blue above the dance floor …
Drapes that did not affected by the passing years, majestic and colorful like a huge circus tent, so that, supported the reflex, I sit in a tiny little corner of the track to admire it in all its fold, in the silence that makes it even most impressive …

There’s everything. In the focal point at the center, there are still all the spotlights, the moonflower, the centropista, strobes … hard to believe that no jackal has already entered  for raiding copper, equipment and everything preserved in these walls!
I decide to go on  and as soon as I get up, I am ecstatic and incredulous at the sight of Lady Circus, watching me silent (along with her maid) from his capital. Right her : the real soul of this place. The Disco Lady.
Thus, taken by the excitement, I take my reflex and start to scour every corner, from lounges to the bar, from the kitchens to the private room, before planning the photo shoot. Shooting that will prove to be quite short, unfortunately, because of the thickening clouds in the sky that steal the little light that filters through the colored windows.

We change our programs. I decide to reconnoiter the other rooms reserved for the staff or to a small circle of clients, such as kitchens, offices and a private room with a dance floor and bar area, where more in the background is the warehouse full of supplies, heating lamps, tables and chairs, and anything else that might serve to a local, when I run into an emergency exit that ‘exit’ is not…
Is the access to the flight of stairs leading from the warehouse basement to the apartment located above the disco.
Without thinking too much I go up the stairs, hoping to find something just as unique.

What a great surprise. Something that translates into a recently used apartament: clothes hanging on clothes hanger, apparently just unmade beds, glass chandeliers in true 90s style and a wonderful vintage Saba stereo with still a 33 rpm of Merola. Things from to another era!
With the decrease of the light I hasten to capture the most significant corners of the structure before the rain arrives, postponing to a more sunny day, the second session in detail.
That for now there will not be, because when I come back after a few days, I found all entrances sealed… thanks perhaps to a blown arrived from the neighboring houses.
Well, never mind, at least I know ‘for a while’ this temple will remain inviolate.
Disco Lady have not to be feared (for now) of rapture in her castle of silence.

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