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“We must enter into prayer by faith, remain with the hope and go out with the charity.”

cattedrale abbandonata

Small outside, but immense inside.
It was on July 12, 2014, I was on tour in Belgium and it was my birthday. What better than to give myself  a day in an amazing place, in the ruins of a great cathedral? I entered through a small side door and I was immediatly fascinated.
I entered to another world.
Out it was the noise of the city, inside, only the solemn silence between the columns and gothic windows.
A wonder of light and rising architecture is this cathedral with three naves.
An altar decorated with beautiful bronze statues represents the Nativity and the Adoration of the Magi.
Antique benches, once gathered hundreds of  faithful people and from the main nave, a balcony with a wonderful organ pleases the eyes.
It takes little to imagine its sound and its power given the size of the instrument and the church.

The sound is fantastic, my footsteps echoing…
Today there is silence, degradation, and the only ones left, are faithful pigeons that shit on a crucifix hanging a poor Jesus no more prayed.
He remains suspended above the choir, in silent suffer.
He expects the world returns to the devotion of the past, because there are years that the faith is gone from this place.
This fast-paced world that shallow people is changing, but it will never be too late to pray because Jesus on the cross is here, waiting for you.

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