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“The dance can reveal all that music holds.” Charles Baudelaire

It’s been 24 years since the last dance, but this important ballroom can still shine of a unique splendor.
Although it was late March, winter still reigned in the beautiful Berlin. Among the snowflakes of a winter that did not want to go away, an elderly was walking, lonely, and wrapped in a dark wool jacket. We met here in 1930, we have danced together, we fell in love, got married, we had children, with you I had the most beautiful life I could possibly want.

Now that I am old, and you’re gone, I came back here where I met you. The time has not been kind with this place, he has had a glorious past and today is dying … I come here often, and I feel to meet you again for the first time. The love for places is like love for people. And even though you’re gone, here I feel you close and your memory does not fade away. “It was wonderful!”

Along with the rapid growth of the population of Berlin, just after the founding of the German Reich, it began the consciousness for a varied use of leisure time. Around the capital, were built new residential areas, water sports facilities, restaurants and marinas.

It was wonderful…..Es war wunderschön!”

His born. In 1898 was inaugurated this Ballhaus with two huge dance halls, and other smaller, a garden restaurant on the river and a boat dock.
On the shore there were bridges for boats, where visitors could dock and come to enjoy a pleasant day. Singers and world renowned musicians performed on these stages. It lived years of splendor and was attended by thousands of people every day. It was wonderful.

Unfortunately, it closed its doors in 1990, when dance houses were replaced permanently by modern discos. The main ballroom, the heart of the building, boasts no less than 9 meters high. The entire structure has decorative elements ranging from Art Nouveau to Neobarocco.

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