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“But the ancient Egyptians believed that they could create an unbeliavable perfume, adding just one extra note, a kind of decisive essence, that would have resonated and dominated over all others. An ancient legend says that an amphora was found in the ancient tomb of a pharaoh, and when it was opened, gave off a fragrance that after all those years had remained intact, a pleasing odor, but so powerful that even for a moment, anyone who sniffing, had the thought of being in paradise.”

Sometimes abandoned places hide unexpected surprises.
And this castle, as well as wonderful lounges with velvet curtains, is hiding a  very special room, unique. Incredible.
This Palladian building is going to be demolished to make way for ugly modern buildings.
The estate, in a classic style with really valuable interior decorations, like a lounge decorated in Egyptian style, unobtainable in Flanders.

An unbelievable discover. The interior in the Egyptian style are actually quite rare to find anywhere in Europe.
It was built in 1820 by a leading marshals of Napoleon.
Designed as a hunting lodge, inspired by a famous castle near Paris. In 1860, the castle was owned by a painter. He was in 1875 to paint the living room in the Egyptian style.
This room is a great example of Egyptomania, that has had considerable success in the 19th century, fashion initiated by Napoleon himself.

Hope. I left this castle with my eyes filled with wonder and with the hope that the bulldozers do not delete it forever.

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