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Just like the Overlook Hotel

“In a casino, the cardinal rule is that the customers must continue to play, so they will come back the next day. The more they play and more they lose. In the end we take everything” Casino.

The Hotel Harzburger Hof is located in the heart of the famous spa town of Bad Harzburg and is the only 5-star in town.
The 400 rooms and suites are presented in all their exciting and romantic style with a class furnishings.
On the ground floor, the “Blue Room” is an architectural gem, great place to relax and enjoy our traditional sweets.

Great culinary choices offered by our prestigious restaurant“.
In the evening, you will enjoy the pleasure of a 4-course dinner in our luxurious dining room where the creative delicacies presented by our Chef will melt in your mouth.
In the huge Casino you can experiment the excitement of the game. Playing roulette, baccarat or blackjack wrapped in a glamorous atmosphere, where you can enjoy with your partner a very special evening.
Staying in our prestigious 5-star is not just as if growing up the stakes, but even as if you had already a point served.
Your vacation begins with a non-binding request. Then, if you choose the Harzburger Hof, you just need to book.

Then let’s explore it. It was the end of September of 2011 when I went to the discovery of this huge hotel.
Protected and well hidden by a forest that surrounds it, when at last I saw him, I was completely fascinated. It looked just like the Overlook Hotel.
That typical German architecture of the mountain villages where the wood can create some real architectural gems.
The entrance was complicated. I had to immerse myself in a well where there was an open window, and then, in the dark, walk in a room crammed with old piled up furniture. Then take the stairs to the ground floor, and I find myself in front of beautiful environments.

The atmosphere in the hotel is dismal, the furnished rooms gave the impression of not feeling safe and the place is a maze. You get the feeling of not being alone in it …just like the Overlook Hotel.
Visually stunning is certainly the Casino, which unfortunately due to the low light I could not easily photograph.
Red carpets, large mirrors on the walls and ceiling plastered with a red dominant where hang two crystal chandeliers of colossal dimensions.

A magical mind-setting. Just then, without even closing your eyes, you can see they bright and sparkling and make a little trip back in time imagining the elegantly dressed guests at the table or sit at the bar accompanied by ladies in fur coats.
Then, the living room with its massive columns, blue curtains and vintage chairs.
The music room with its charm, but with a piano actually a bit ugly for a 5 stars.
The bar and restaurant in rustic style, illuminated by a skylight, and then the spectacular dining room filled with stucco and crystal chandeliers … a paradise for the eyes, for the heart and for the camera.
A staircase leads to a singular beauty on the upper floors of the hotel between red carpets and white balustrades.
A bit disappointing are the rooms partly empty and partly furnished with pieces a little too vintage to look luxurious.
I left this huge place without examining him completely, for its size and for the little time available, but with the hope of one day returning.te e in parte arredate con pezzi un po’troppo vintage per apparire lussuosi.

A Goodbye. Then, last year, it comes one of the most terrible news. The Hotel is burning!
A terrible fire destroyed much of the structure. The Hotel in flames illuminated the town for more than two days before the 600 firefighters at work were able to extinguish the fire.
The damage is irreversible and the jewel of 1874 is now only a memory.

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