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Hal Ferh, the abandoned resort

By March 22, 2018April 16th, 20188 Comments

A warm summer morning.
I decide to be brave, despite the heat, and to go to explore that abandoned village that I see every time I go to the beaches of Golden Bay and Ghajn Tuffieha.

From the road I had never realized how extensive it was, and it happens only as I approached it. Entering is quite easy, just climb over a 60 cm wall. As soon as I get inside I immediately understand that it is not a village, but a kind of tourist resort, with inside real roads that connect the various bungalows, among palms, cypresses, and pittosporum bushes, now overflowing.

Welcome to the Jungle!
Moving inside it is not really easy, since vegetation often makes it impossible to pass. I decide to visit the interiors of the small bungalows, with the doors folded or wide open. Some old furniture, a dusty mattress and little more. It seems all abandoned several years ago…
The structures, at least externally, still seem solid and recoverable.

I continue the visit and arrive in an area where the small apartments on the ground floor give way to large multi-storey buildings, similar to the classic hotels. There are many, and I’m amazed at the effective extension of this place.
Around I also find a kindergarten, a tennis court, a swimming pool, a minigolf course, a restaurant …. the place is really huge!

Finally, on a bulletin board I find the name of this resort: Hal Ferh.

The visit seems neverending, and I find myself in a kind of turret, while on the ground floor there are radiators, beds of all kinds, hairdryers, electric kitchens and various other things that probably were part of the furniture. I also meet some chameleons who enjoy stepping from one plant to another on this sunny Maltese morning. At one point I find myself also in a kind of arena for shows or dances, with the cabin of the famous Dj Alfred.
Obviously I’m joking, in fact of Malta already has his unique local an typical DJ in the person of the well known Tony Tony.

It was late, I started to get hungry and I have to return to Marsascala in the midst of the infernal traffic of the island, which means more than an hour to do less than 20 km …

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  • Lorraine says:

    I stayed here for 3 weeks in the mid 1980’s with my family.
    Sad to see it in such a state now.
    I had a great time when I was there.

  • Tbrirjdau says:

    I have a silly question: did you see any paintings in the apartments?
    The last time we were there (late 90s I think), there were a couple of my dad’s paintings in my aunty’s bungalow (he had no idea how they ended up there) and I’d do anything to get a hold of one of my dad’s paintings.
    Many thanks!

  • Gillian MARSTERS says:

    Thank you so much for your blog on Hal Ferh. I stayed there around 1984. It was run by Fram. Before that, it was an British army camp.

  • Ascosi Lasciti says:

    Yeah, I suppose it was a very good place to stay, so close to Golden Bay…

  • Ascosi Lasciti says:

    About paintings I didn’t see. But I didn’t visit every single structure there.
    I think that you can easily go and check yourself, as the entrance is easy

  • Sarah Gauci says:

    this article brought back so many memories. We went there every year as a family from around 1996- 2002. Best year’s of our lives (my sisters and I) and the best childhood memories were made here. So sad seeing it in such a state. Every photo in this post is filled with memories. thank you for reminding me of them.

  • Thomas says:

    I stayed here for one week in 2004 but this was my worst hotel by far…booked and payed for an apartement with terrace and got only an apartement without terrace, the rooms were dirty, they never changed the bed tick and pillow case, got eczemas on my scalp afterwards, almost nobody of the staff could speak and understand English but only French (really weird on an island with official language English) and moreover considering this facts this was also too expensive (about 500 Euros for one week without flight) This was an important lesson for me: not just to believe the whitewashes of the travel agency but to search online for reviews from many hotel guests. It’s not surprising and not really a pity if this strange hotel doesn’t exist anymore, now it could be the perfect film set if Stephen King would invent Shining Part 2 (Mediterranean Version) … the ghosts will be the french speaking staff…this would be sufficiently creepy.

  • Dr G + Alayne Heaney says:

    I’ve just seen all the photos on Hal ferh… am so sad , my family holidayed there from 1981 for 6 consecutive years , best holiday s ever , the staff were brilliant and I remember Joe head waiter , and Charlie who was in charge , his wife was lecturer at university in Valletta , their young son called Alex played around the pool with my 3 girls ! We had the best days ever there , and I’m so sad looking at the state of it ! … the old delapidated hotel at end of the gorgeous beach is now a radisson blue hotel … unbelievable turnarounds . In it’s day Hal ferh was our top choice and we went every year for 6 years so ideal was it for my family . My husband was a doctor and actually resuscitated an elderly man who nearly drowned in pool after having heart attack , he was fished outa the pool, my lovely husband did cpr and the man responded ! After the ambulance dealt with the patient , Charlie the manager gave us free passes every week for all the shows , the magic show , the legendary barbecue , Maltese night etc … great times perfect family holidays .I have 5 children now , and only the first 3 girls remember Hal ferh ….but such brilliant memories … thank you Charlie and staff wherever you all are x

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