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Built around 1800, this industrial complex, after a period of great development last almost hundred years, was absorbed by another leading company in the production of cement.
FOTO_01Close to the production area, in a dominant point, is rather a large three-storey villa, very elegant; although it seems a manor house, but was intended to house employees. Not far away there is another building where the offices were located: it has a different structure, rectangular, with a unique plan, but it is also decorated in Art Nouveau style.

The factory is divided into several buildings within which we find more or less the same environments typical of other old abandoned factories. Everything looks pretty uninspiring, and it smells of already seen.

The surprise comes unexpected in a department in which they are still present ovens and grinding plants. The photos do not make justice to the size of the machines, but the truth is that they are really huge and if you really want to photograph them from the top, you have to climb several flights of stairs.

It ‘s always a disappointment to see this kind of giants in decay! Fortunately the collapsed wall was repaired, securing the structure that had been targeted by vandals.
All this has nothing to do with the feeling you are entering a historic villa, but sometimes even the huge and impressive pipes can leave you breathless!

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