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Today my destination is the Marche region and some beautiful villas still unknown.
I am in the company of Paola and other friends, who tell me the curious story of a villa, close to their homeplace. Then, throwing in the trash other destinations we had planned for that day, and we’re going to look around this new place.

The story is somewhat mysterious… Paola tells me that she was child when this villa was builded, and although it’s modern, it’s not clear why it has never been inhabited for a long time.
We ask residents nearby, we find a nice lady and we explain that we are not thieves, but we just want to look around and take some pictures to document; she also does not know why no one has ever been interested, because is a beautiful house with fine finishes.

Once gained the trust of the lady, and explained the reasons that drive us to document these abandoned places… well, we take her blessing and we enter.
On the piece in the back someone has already entered, we find the back door open, and also some windows.
There is an incredible atomic bunker in the basement, with a sort of kitchen, no furniture, only a few office chair.
We climb to the first floor, the staircase is stunning, red and glass decorations, is really impressive, I shooted several photos; is located right at the entrance of the house, flanked by a red elevator and the access to another stair.

The style is modern, a little ‘chic, a bit’ too much … I nicknamed villa mafia.
To pass to the other room there is a stone arch reminiscent of ancient Rome.
Marble fireplaces make this home a truly singular. Upstairs, even fireplaces, an empty room, a pair of handcuffs… now we all look in the eyes and we make a big laugh; thinking that this is a unique place to shoot a porn movie, but who knows that it is not seriously a gangstar’s villa.

We continue on to the top floor, where is a beautiful terrace with a tower overlooking the garden, where there are two pools… in short, no expense was spared for this place.
The strange thing is that there are no signs of life, apart from the handcuffs, something left in the bathroom, and a bedroom where probably lived a homeless for a short time, the rest is untouched.
The chimneys all clean, and no furniture, just sad office chairs that look at each other.
Also inside the house there is a square garden, that you can practically see from every floor and every room, crazy.
There are some signs and graffiti, vagrants and people who have no respect for the things, so we make sure that the place remains closed, we close every possible entrance and we hope that it remains sealed for a long time or maybe until someone will want to take care of it.

Villa mafia, what luxury… I wonder if anyone has ever lived here.
It looks like a Miami Vice’s villa, who knows what will be its true history.

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