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Open since the late 60s, this diso club was at the top of the nightlife in Marche region and beyond. But, carpets and sofas that recall the East, the best DJs of the console, the location close to the sea and the impressive games of lights were not enough to save by closing this popular place, in which I also participated in several events, as an entertainer … but that’s another story. Its builder wanted to follow the wave of a well-known Ligurian disco, and unfortunately, as often happens, the management passed from hand to hand until the ruinous closing a few years ago. Even the entourage of a well-known local athlete was not enough to reopen, a real shame if we look at the shots that I stole for you.

The structure is divided into two spaces indoor and three outdoor, then, in addition to the two indoor halls there are three other musical environments in the garden. “Le Jardin” has a central hall marked by a large dance floor surrounded by a series of tables and two other smaller rooms, chic and refined. Fortunately all the location is still good structural condition, but the bad weather combined with the inexorable passage of time make it pretty obvious neglect. No vandalism, except the signs of carpenters, probably they made an attempt to restructuring. The club also offered a building used as a restaurant with about a hundred seats. Inside there is disorder only on the ground floor, and even after all the kitchens seem in good condition. On the upper floor there are offices, where the time seems to be stopped, except for a few sheets on the ground.

The “winter room” is in complete self-destruction, the infiltrations are everywhere, and the fact that it was built mainly of plasterboard does not make things easier … maybe in a few years, with the humidity, only the ruins will remain. And now let’s move to the other closed area, the lounge bar area. It seems perfectly preserved, still hanging on the wall we can find old photos with italian vips Gerry Scotti and Raul Bova, both back from the 90s. On either side of the room there are chairs and mattresses for sofas neatly stacked. The same applies to the kitchens, everything looks good and tidy. All the outside, especially the perimeter, is overgrown, while the floors are full of dry leaves and dirt.

Even the outdoor bar area has had it’s best, maybe serving a particular cocktail, not like today… However, the mirror ball is in good condition. What to say? The place is gone … to recover and restructure the whole thing will take a huge investment, not to mention the winter room due to moisture should be made from the beginning. But we do not fantasize, unfortunately, as often happens, this place is under judicial mire, so now we just have to admire and remember the old days where generations of young people danced, loved, fought, and spent unforgettable moments.

Che dire nel complesso? Tutta la location è in discrete condizioni strutturali, ma le intemperie unite allo scorrere inesorabile del tempo rendono l’abbandono abbastanza evidente. Per recuperare e ristrutturare il tutto ci vorrà un’ingente investimento, per non parlare della sala invernale che a causa dell’umidità dovrebbe essere rifatta da zero. Ma non fantastichiamo, purtroppo come spesso accade, questo luogo è sotto mire giudiziarie, quindi ormai non ci resta che ammirarlo e ricordare i tempi andati…

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