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Atelier Decor: the Abandoned House of the Universal Exhibition

Art is decoration, it is the will that express itself.” Carmelo Bene

Today we fly in Belgium, precisely in the small village of Hulshout, in Flanders, to visit an abandoned house. But not like a common house. It is a very special place, almost “fairy tale” …

The model of this house was designed and built for the Universal Exhibition of 1910 and, in 1912, the same house was rebuilt in this property, stone by stone, following the original design until the smallest detail.
This particular dwelling had been conceived to replace the “monotonous” form of the usual dwellings, which, for those dark years in the architectural field, always had the same external composition. How was this done? Imitating a cave, complete with artificial stalactites and stalagmites (today on the right side of the house, hidden by vegetation).

This Art Nouveau jewel belonged to the artist Janssens, who was responsible for creating sculptures and garden furniture, as evidenced by the large atelier next to the house.
The interiors of the house, even if empty, are full of charm. Each room is treated in details, almost elegant in their simplicity. And the living room with the cave, together with the piano bar and the fireplace, are truly extraordinary.

The atelier next to it is full of details, inside, there are still the casts for the garden sculptures, different creations and prototypes that once adorned the exterior of the villa.
There are brushes, colors, and everything you need to paint the sculptures.

A place nostalgic, poetic and full of lost stories. An exciting exploration.

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