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The great abandoned Communist College

By July 1, 2018August 24th, 2018No Comments

It was the 80’s in the Balkans.
In 1981 the communist party had decided that they will build a college-school for politics and that is how this building was born. It was made with finest materials and craftsman available at the time. Totalling 8.500 mο€² with 145 rooms in total combined with sleeping quarters, gym indoor and outdoor, bar, restaurant with kitchen, infirmary, cinema, library, atomic shelter, classrooms and everything that goes with.

It is located only one-hour drive from my home therefore I visit this gem quite often.

During the war in former Yugoslavia there was no need for communistic education anymore and the building was used as quarters for the refugees from Yugoslavian countries still at war.

The state of the building is not that great as a large part of the cooper roof was stolen over the time as well as the furniture and everything usual still inside. Access is easy as it’s owned by government and no one really cares if some one goes inside as every thing is more or less vandalized really bad.
I usually park in front of the building and almost always see some local urban explorers wandering around.

When you come in there is a “grand entrance” with collapsed ceiling and there is grass and bushes growing everywhere must admit that it is quite a spectacular site. Architecture is spacy eighties style and it is quite hard to navigate inside. Far the best is the bomb proof nuclear shelter in the basement with heady blast doors and separated air system powered by bicycle meant as kind of fitness I guess. There are also water tanks latrines and beds for at least 250 people. The coolest thing is the network of tunnels leading from shelter to the forest near by in case that building would be bombed and collapsed or otherwise compromised, so the high ranking political students could safely escape.

Decay is great and there are countless opportunities for taking all kind of pictures.
Will visit again in the future to observe how the nature is slowly taking over.

Miha Krapez aka Mr.Fox777

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