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Tractors’ Garage

By July 24, 2018August 28th, 2018No Comments

Today I take you to discover a classic piece of Marche region. This villa, well known by those urbex who have been in the field for a while, has been one of the favorite destinations of many explorers on tour in my beautiful region for at least a decade. Probably for a variety of reasons, including its position… quite visible from the road, but outside the town, and its access simplicity.

I wrote “access simplicity”  because it is actually an half-ruin, difficult to seal, and the only event that can prevent you from entering – happened several times to a lot of urbex  – is to meet the guy who should be the owner / guardian of the structure .

Even I was caught and I can say that there is no way to discuss civilly and to make him desist from harassing insults and threats of complaints. So, if you have the misfortune to meet him, do not waste time trying to convince him of your good intentions, but give up, in any case you will not miss such a masterpiece.

The villa is in poor condition, with several collapses, which also involved the main staircase and made the last floor virtually unusable. Abandoned and without any maintenance for over 30 years, after the earthquakes that unfortunately hit the Marche, its conditions have further deteriorated, and today is a very risky exploration.

The noble floor is not so bad, with frescoes still visible between an hole and the other, and a billiard table now rotted due to infiltrations. The ground floor is characterized by an old beautiful tractor, parked in the entrance hall, and Art Nouveau decorations. At first glance they would look like frescos, but in reality they are just printed wallpaper.

There is also a small church, bare and banal with just a statue of St. Anthony.

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