Holidays in Puglia

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Easily visible from the road, a few kilometers from Foggia, you can enjoy the dilapidated beauty of this 80s-style structure.
A 3-star hotel that takes its name from the ancient Roman city located on a hill southwest of Ordona, known as the “Pompei of Puglia“.
Very fashionable structure for receptions and conferences in the 90s, with 78 rooms, a restaurant, two dance halls, a conference room, a tennis court and a swimming pool. Closed for about 10 years, presumably due to bankruptcy.

From the outside you can already see the obvious signs of profiteering. The façade is now bare, it shows only the holes in non-existent fixtures, and the absence of railings highlights the sharp geometries of the balconies.
Entering, passing over what remains of the automatic doors, we find the reception on the left, where the majestic stone columns seem to resist very well. They look new, and, despite the many cobwebs, they still sparkle.
Continuing towards the bar, I see a bottle of wine in the distance. I approached, I would like to drink, is 35 ° today, I’m thirsty and it would certainly be a good year, but I cannot find a clean glass, so I decide to go further.
I continue to walk between the debris and I find myself in what was once the reception hall / ballroom. What remains are only columns decorated with glass, and some wooden furniture. And I was transported by the image of how it could be before, when there were tables, people sitting and waiters scampering in the room.
The kitchen is empty. A suction tube, a menu and a couple of bottles of oil are the only survivors.
On the upper floors the bedrooms are completely empty, there are only wall mirrors, built-in closets, some gutted telephones and televisions. The bathrooms do not even have the sanitary ware, because everything has been cleaned up by the jackals arrived in droves after closing.

After scouring the four floors, I take a ride outside and in the back of the structure, I notice a small church. It is open and the only things I find to welcome me are an altar (also in full 90s style) and a dismantled armchair.
Coming out, I found  the pool. I would gladly take a bath after the four floors, but there is no water… better that way, I am not able to swim and I do not have armrests with me.


Rosa Anzalotta

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